Overview of the Timecard Entry Feature

The Timecard Entry feature is accessible from any web-enabled device and allows you to:

·       Enter your hours and/or clock in and clock out

·       View additional pay periods

·       Finalize your timecard

·       Select your regular days off

·       Switch how you view your timecard

Various settings established in EX Human Resources and the Timecard Approval feature determine several Timecard Approval feature capabilities. For more information, see the Human Resources module and Timecard Approval feature online Help.

The Timecard View and Regular Days Off

You can customize the Timecard Entry feature to determine the following:

·       How you view your timecard (i.e., as a calendar or grid list)

·       Your regular days off

Hours Worked Options

How you enter your hours depends upon how your timecard approver has set up your timecard. Timecards can be entered:

·       Hourly meaning you enter the time you start your shift and the time you end your shift. Depending upon how your timecard is setup, you may also be required to clock in and clock out.

·       Daily Total meaning you enter the total number of hours you worked for the shift on a select day.

·       Period Summary meaning you enter the total number of hours you worked for the entire period. If your pay period lasted seven days and you are a full-time employee, you might enter 45 hours for the pay period.