Overview of the Timecard Approval Feature

The Timecard Approval feature is accessible from any web-enabled device and allows supervisors to submit employees' timecards to Payroll.

Use this feature to The Timecard Approval feature can be used to:

·       Determine the timecard format employees use when logging their hours

·       Review and submit approved timecards to Payroll

·       Update individual timecards

·       Update timecards for all employees in a select pay group

·       Add comments to an employee's timecard

·       Contact select employees

·       Establish timecard submission deadlines and entry rules (Administrators Only)

·       Select timecard approval supervisors and/or alternates (Administrators Only)

·       Define how hours are rounded (Administrators Only)

Timecard Statuses

The following are used to indicate the status of an employee's timecard for a select pay period:

·       No Hours indicates the employee has not saved any hours for the pay period.

·       Saved indicates the employee has saved hours for the pay period.

·       Final indicates the employee has marked the saved time as final.

·       Entered indicates a manager has entered hours for the employee.

·       Override indicates a manager has entered hours that differ from those entered by the employee.

·       Submitted indicates the timecard has been submitted to Payroll.

·       Open Shift indicates the employee has clocked in but has not clocked out for a given day.

Various settings established in EX Human Resources determine several Timecard Approval feature capabilities. For more information, see the Human Resources module online Help.