Overview of the Requisitions and Orders Feature

The Requisitions and Orders feature is accessible from any web-enabled device and works in conjunction with EX Purchasing.

·       Create new requests from scratch or use frequently ordered items to create new requests.

·       Add a detailed description and supporting documentation to justify your request, including price quotes, discounts, and budget information.

·       Add and remove items as needed.

·       Incorporate feedback such as comments and attachments.

·       Establish when the request is needed.

·       Select and preview an approval track.

·       Use an array of tools to easily complete the request form.

In addition, this powerful feature will help you accomplish these tasks:

·       Search and view requisitions and their status

·       Prepare and submit a new requisition

·       Complete and submit a previously started requisition

·       Update and resubmit a returned requisition

·       View, mark, or update items received

·       Attach supporting documents

·       View, add, and delete comments to requisitions and purchase orders

·       View, add, and delete attachments to requisitions and purchase orders

·       Automatically receive notifications

·       Email other users working with the requisitions and purchase orders

Various settings established in the Purchasing module determine several feature capabilities. For more information, see the EX Purchasing online Help.