Overview of the Requisition Approval Feature

The Requisition Approval feature allows authorized users to approve, deny, and monitor requisitions. Once entered, requisitions are automatically incorporated into EX. If notifications have been configured in EX for the requisition process, they are automatically sent when the requisition is created in Staff features.

Staff feature users not accessing EX can automatically receive email notifications.

You can further refine access to the Requisition Approval feature capabilities using feature preference configurations.

Use this feature for these activities:

·       Search and review requisitions and their status

·       Update and approve or update and return a requisition

·       Approve, return, or deny a requisition

·       Review a requisition approval track

·       Determine if the request is over or under budget

·       View, add, and delete comments to requisitions and purchase orders

·       View, add, and delete attachments to requisitions and purchase orders

·       Automatically receive notifications

·       Email other users working with the requisitions and purchase orders

Various settings established in EX Purchasing determine several feature capabilities. For more information, see the EX Purchasing Online Help.

Icon Definitions

Icon Definition

Add a comment.

Review existing comments.

Review new comments.

Add an attachment.

Review new or existing attachments.

Delete a comment or attachment.

Update a line item.

Access the Calendar.

Send an email message.

Close the window.

Request is over budget.

Request is under budget.