Overview of the Budget feature

The Budget feature is accessible from any web-enabled device and works in conjunction with EX Budget. The Budget feature can be used to:

·       View budgets and worksheets and verify their status

·       Enter and update budget amounts

·       View two years of prior actuals (if available)

·       Export budget data to Excel

·       View, add, and delete comments to worksheets and line items

·       View, add, and delete attachments to worksheets

·       Automatically receive notifications

·       Email other users working with the budget

·       Submit worksheets for approval

·       Approve and deny budget worksheets

·       Monitor a budget

·       Submit or cancel adjustments you have made to board-approved budgets

·       Approve and deny adjustments to board-approved budgets

·       Make direct adjustments to board-approved budgets

Various settings established in the Budget module determine several Budget feature capabilities. For more information, see the Budget module online Help and Understanding Worksheet Roles.